“Sometimes when writing a recommendation for someone or for a business you are challenged by what to say. In this case I am challenged by being believable. Having said that please know that I am not exaggerating when sharing my experience with Sarah and Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services. On the one hand Sarah is friendly and outgoing actually quite engaging in her demeanor and she wonderfully blends that with an amazing level of professionalism in all she does. I have used VA”s in the past, usually from other countries at a bit lower hourly rate. While they did a good job and I was reasonably happy, there was a lack of connection, a lack of the sense of collaboration and an underlying feeling that they never quite understood fully what I wanted done. I spent a lot of time correcting and explaining what I wanted done and fixing the wording way too often. I didn’t have the level of confidence that I needed. Then I met Sarah and I was immediately impressed with how she handled my account. Her experience allowed her to hit the ground running, she knew what I needed, and simply delivered every time. She actually over delivered almost always.

She has a keen business insight, and a wonderful verbal prowess. She is exceptional with social media and has really improved my social media presence which for me and most businesses is pretty critical in today’s market place. I am totally confident in her ability to handle anything I throw her way. I highly recommend her.”

Frank White

“Sarah Carroll and Sunrise VA have been a God send for me.  I have little experience with web postings and little interest in learning.  Sarah has taken all this headache away for me.  She is thorough, prompt and always available.  She did great research in finding out about my business and I feel like i have an active partner.  I trust her implicitly and know she is always operating in my best interest.  I highly recommend using her service at Sunrise VA.  You, like me, will not be disappointed.”

Jim Collister

“Sarah has helped our team tremendously in a short amount of time by using her skills to help us with social media accounts. She has been on point with what we are doing and where we want to go. Her skills with marketing has put us in front of a lot more people via social media and as a result our team business as picked up. Sarah is always available, listens to our needs and produces in a very timely matter.”

Steve Bittick

“Sarah with Sunrise VA Services has been a huge help in getting my business streamlined. She completes so many tasks that in turn allow me to focus more time on my clients and building my business. My only regret is that I wish I had hired her sooner.”

Rebecca Oparnico

“Sarah and her V-A services have helped Team-Weston Real Estate scale and grow. She has exceeded our expectations completing our work loads and managing our social media growth. We highly recommend her!”

Matt Weston