8 Favorite WordPress Themes (You Should Consider For Your Website)

WordPress is an excellent choice if you want to create a website that looks great and functions well. It’s easy to use, even for beginners, and it has plenty of features to help you build the perfect website quickly. But what sets WordPress apart from other content management systems is its wide selection of popular, favorite WordPress themes. 

With so many options available, choosing a suitable theme can be overwhelming—so we’ve done the hard work for you! Here are our top picks for eight favorite WordPress themes that will make your website look professional and modern without breaking the bank.

What do the best WordPress themes have in common?

The best WordPress themes have one commonality in their design: ease of use. They provide an intuitive experience for amateur users and robust customizability for experienced developers. They are also built with solid performance optimization, such as efficient loading times and responsive designs, to ensure that the site’s visitors have a pleasant user experience regardless of platform or device.

Lastly, they adapt well over time, allowing them to be easily updated to take advantage of new features and modern design trends. These traits ensure the endurance of any website utilizing a high-quality WordPress theme.

Our 8 Favorite WordPress Themes

WordPress is a top-rated platform for creating websites, and one of the main reasons is its wide selection of themes. With so many customization options to choose from, it can take time to know which most popular WordPress themes will work best for your website. 

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our eight favorite WordPress themes that are sure to make your website look professional and modern. These most popular themes come with intuitive designs for amateur users as well as robust customizability for experienced developers. 

In addition, they provide efficient loading times and a responsive design that ensures visitors have a pleasant user experience regardless of their device or platform.

So if you’re looking for a great WordPress theme at an affordable price, check out our top picks!


Twenty Seventeen, the WordPress theme that has stood the test of time, is one of the most beloved default choices within the WordPress community. This is due to its simplicity and ability to add essential branding elements via a custom header image. The typography also delivers a great blog theme for beginners and businesses.

Not only is Twenty Seventeen an incredibly user-friendly theme with various visually appealing options, but it also provides a wide range of customization possibilities that enable users to customize their sites according to their specific needs. For example, site administrators can change colors, fonts, spacing, and content sizing and add logos or other images for brand recognition. Furthermore, users have access to pre-made page layouts that make setting up new pages easy and stress-free.

Despite being two themes older than the current default theme, Twenty Seventeen still holds an impressive share in use by millions of WordPress websites. Not only is it popular amongst bloggers and businesses looking for a no-fuss design, but its clean interface allows developers more freedom when customizing online stores or portfolios. 

In addition, child themes enable users to quickly edit aspects such as background images or menus without worrying about losing any changes when updating the original parent theme due to its integration with the Customizer tool. 

Overall, Twenty Seventeen remains the perfect choice for those who need an intuitive yet modern look for their website and appreciate having access to built-in features such as widgets, menus, and featured images that you can quickly implement with minimal effort. 

It’s not hard to see why the WordPress community has favored this theme over time; it offers reliability and flexibility so that users can adjust their site however they please – all while looking great!


Astra is a powerful and versatile theme that offers users a great deal of flexibility in terms of customizing their website. It’s compatible with popular page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg Editor. Users can quickly build and customize their business sites however they like, with unlimited colors and more design elements.

Astra’s performance-oriented minimalist design makes it stand out; it only comes with the essential features, but these are highly functional and user-friendly. And to make setup even more effortless, Astra Pro also offers starter sites with extra features so users can have a pre-built foundation to work from. 

No wonder this theme is one of the fastest-growing WordPress themes today; it provides a fast and streamlined way for users to create beautiful websites without sacrificing performance or customizability.



OceanWP is a popular WordPress website theme that offers features similar to Astra, such as its focus on minimalism and performance. With the ability to select the features you need and customize individual aspects of your site, OceanWP gives you a high degree of flexibility in customizing your site. 

If you are looking to launch an e-commerce store, then OceanWP is an excellent choice because it comes with WooCommerce plugin integration. Furthermore, this theme is compatible with a variety of page builder plugins, allowing you to create unique designs based on your needs. 

However, one downside of OceanWP is that its out-of-the-box design offers few customization options. Despite this drawback, it still provides users with plenty of possibilities for creating professional websites quickly and efficiently. You can further enhance its functionalities by integrating it with different add-ons available. 

Additionally, the developers have ensured that the code is light and optimized for speed so loading times remain fast even when operating complex websites or online stores. Therefore, if you are looking for a theme that offers a broad range of features but focuses on minimalism and performance, OceanWP is a great choice.


Hestia is a great option for a modern WordPress theme that offers users unparalleled simplicity. The powerful integration with the live customizer allows users to customize the look and feel of their website. At the same time, the selection of starter sites by Hestia Pro covers a diverse range of niches and styles.

Moreover, this responsive WordPress theme features attractive blocks and cool parallax effects and remains evergreen in its design. Additionally, Hestia integrates easily with page builders such as Elementor page builder, Brizy, and Divi Builder. 

In short, this theme is perfect for any small businesses site, such as an app or online ecommerce stores. With its clean layout and user-friendly functionality, Hestia will take your website to a new level.


ColorMag is an excellent WordPress theme for magazines, news-style, and even eCommerce sites that require a lot of content. The theme has been optimized to provide a sleek and modern design while featuring various page layouts to suit all types of websites. 

As well as this, it supports multiple posts being uploaded daily – an essential feature if your website produces a large amount of content. If you don’t make such large amounts of regular updates, then ColorMag might not be the right choice for you. 

It is fully compatible with the popular WooCommerce integration, so you can quickly build an online business in no time without any hassle. Additionally, ColorMag boasts some great customization options to personalize your business website to make it look exactly how you want it to be. 

ColorMag is the right WordPress theme for those looking for an attractive yet powerful online magazine or news-style site.


Sydney is one of the most popular WordPress themes available due to its modern design, regular updates, and official recommendation from the Elementor team. It’s an excellent choice for businesses, agencies, and anyone needing a professional portfolio website. 

This powerful theme has various features, including responsive design, deep WordPress Customizer integration, Google Fonts, and custom Elementor blocks for added functionality. It’s easy to customize and has many options to make it look exactly how you want it. Furthermore, its lightweight code ensures your site will be safe from unnecessary bloat. 

Sydney provides an impressive range of options regarding design flexibility – whether you need to create something unique or customize the existing elements to match your brand identity. You can even add animations or video backgrounds if you wish. Sydney is a great lightweight theme choice for any business or individual looking for an attractive and fully-featured platform with plenty of customization options.


GeneratePress is a flexible theme that follows the same premise as Astra and OceanWP, offering an extensive customization interface with various options that allow you to adjust typography, colors, layout choices, post formats, and other details. 

The main difference between this theme and the others is that GeneratePress offers its most valuable features in its premium version. The free version has less advanced features than the ones found in Astra or OceanWP, and its design isn’t as impressive either. 

However, if you decide to upgrade to the premium version at an additional cost, you’ll be able to take advantage of this theme’s features.


Storefront is the official WooCommerce theme, and it comes with all the features and customizations you need to build a functional online store. The design is modern and minimalist, making it easy for website builders. 

Additionally, this theme has been tested by WooCommerce itself, so you can be sure that it won’t have any compatibility issues with the platform. Furthermore, if you ever need help or need help with using Storefront, you can count on the WooCommerce support team to help you out. 

Despite its simplicity, this theme may not give you enough options to customize your store according to your needs. You might have to create a child theme derived from Storefront to make more complex customizations, like adding major plugins or changing themes for different site pages. 

Still, Storefront is an excellent option for those who want a simple but reliable platform to set up their online shop quickly.


With so many WordPress themes available, deciding which is right for you can be challenging. Whether you’re looking to create an online store or a professional portfolio website, there are plenty of great options. 

Our top picks include Hestia, ColorMag, Sydney, and Storefront – each with its own advantages and features that make them stand out from the crowd. 

If you want help choosing the perfect theme for your website or need assistance setting up a fully-featured platform quickly and easily, then let Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services take care of it for you. Contact us today and see how we can bring your vision to life!

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