Email Marketing Services

We make email marketing easy by providing professionally written and designed templates coupled with expert copywriting services. Are you seeking professional help to take your email marketing strategy to the next level? At Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services, we offer a Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Package, each fully tailored to your business’s needs for its email marketing efforts.

Basic Package

With this package, you can have up to five emails each month featuring content prepared and formatted by us with custom-branded templates. All we need from you is the content – and then our professionals do the rest!

You can trust that each email will be delivered with thoughtfully crafted copy and carefully added visual elements. Whether it’s a newsletter or an announcement, our dedicated team of experts will ensure it looks its best while meeting your email marketing needs.

Save time and resources that would have typically been spent crafting this content – let us do the hard work so you can focus on what matters most: cultivating relationships with customers, increasing engagement, and developing strategic plans for further growth. Choose Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services today and leave the stress of email marketing behind.

Intermediate Package

Our intermediate package includes state-of-the-art services that ensure your email marketing strategy and execution are of the highest quality. We’ll provide two detailed email campaigns that have been carefully set up and designed, as well as create targeted mailing lists and manage them for you. Additionally, our custom-branded templates are sure to capture attention and draw your customers in, ensuring that your presence is felt loud and clear in the inboxes of your target audiences. 

We won’t leave you hanging after implementation; the Intermediate Email Marketing Package provides monthly tracking and detailed reporting so you can measure results and see what’s working – or not working – for you. Utilize our data-driven insights into subscribers, open rates, close rates, click rates, spam complaints, unsubscribe requests, and more by requesting a full monthly report so you can adjust your messaging accordingly.

We understand how important email marketing is to your success, so we put passion and precision into everything we do here at Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services. Sign up today to access all our exceptional Intermediate Email Marketing Package has to offer!

Advanced Package

Our Advanced Email Marketing Package is the perfect tool for reaching new heights with your campaigns – saving you time, money, and hassle.

We take care of the strategizing, designing, crafting and tracking for you so that all you need to do is hit send!

The experts at Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services have an extensive knowledge base. They know how to craft compelling email campaigns that capture attention and drive engagement with your key audiences. Our strategic approach targets those who will be receptive to your message, using visuals that speak volumes, ensuring every campaign resonates with real meaning for better results.

Use our monthly tracking and reports to monitor progress, allowing you to make changes when necessary based on data-driven results and helping keep budgets on track. Let us help maximize every moment of your precious time while increasing project ROI month after month by letting our team work its magic behind the scenes!

Basic Package

$ 150 Monthly
  • Up to 5 emails monthly
  • Preparing content, adding images and formatting
  • Custom branded template
  • Client provides all content

Intermediate Package

$ 350 Monthly
  • Email campaign strategy & execution
  • Two Email Campaigns, Set Up with content
  • Contact list development
  • List management
  • Custom-branded template designs
  • Monthly tracking and reporting
  • Content & image creation

Advanced Package

$ 750 Monthly
  • Email campaign strategy & execution
  • Four email campaigns, set up with content
  • List development and management
  • Custom branded template designs
  • Monthly tracking and reporting
  • Content & image creation
  • Keyword research and target audience research

Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business Owners

Email marketing campaigns are essential for small businesses and e-commerce stores looking to reach their target audience, generate leads, and grow their business. Utilizing the best email marketing service can help small businesses maximize the benefits of their email list and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the key advantages of email marketing is its affordability. Unlike traditional advertising methods such as television or radio, email campaigns cost much less and provide a higher return on investment (ROI). With our email support, you can easily create customized emails that target specific audiences (i.e., your potential customers) and deliver them at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the costs associated with printing materials or mailing them out either. Email really is the best choice!

Another benefit, you can quickly determine which emails are most effective for your campaigns by following open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and other specific actions. With this data, you can adjust your emails immediately to optimize their performance. Additionally, best practices like utilizing automation tools like autoresponders make it easy to set up follow-up sequences that send out tailored emails based on user behavior while remaining efficient with your time and resources.

Email campaigns also offer greater control over brand messaging that other advertising forms. You have complete freedom over email design elements like color, fonts, and images used within emails, allowing you to custoize each one according to your company’s branding guidelines. Furthermore, since emails are sent directly into people’s inboxes, they tend to get more attention that any other form of advertisement, which makes it easier for customers to engage with your content by clicking on links or following call-to-action included in each message.

By working with a virtual assistant service specializing in supporting email campaign initiatives, you can ensure that your efforts will be noticed. Leveraging powerful email marketing tools alongside well-thought-out creative designs and email templates will drive customer engagement while helping establish an even stronger connection between them and your brand. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your email marketing goals.