Email Marketing: How to Build Your Business Email List


There are many different avenues small businesses can take in online marketing. One of those avenues is utilizing email marketing. Having an email list, utilizing that lists to send out newsletters, business news, deals, and other valuable resources to your customers and potential customers, can be a valuable asset to your business growth.

Once you understand the value of your list it’s important to take steps to be continually growing that list and shaping your message. As your list grows the chances of your target audience receiving that message also grows.

Not sure how to grow your email list? Here are some great ideas…

Use a Paper Sign Up Sheet

If you have a specific business location such as a brick and mortar shop, keep a paper sign-up sheet next to the register, buy the door, or buy your product. Tell people what they will be receiving like a weekly newsletter with coupons and other deals.

Share Your Newsletter on Social Media

When you send out an email to your current list share it on social media as well. Make sure it is easy for followers to sign up for future emails.

Put a sign-up form on your website and Facebook.

Make sure somewhere on your website you have a sign-up form. Many email marketing companies have Facebook integrations, so you’ll be able to add a sign up form directly to your business Facebook page.

Create an Opt In

Create a free or paid opt in requiring email address to receive. This can include many ideas such as….

  • Video Series
  • PDF Guide or Mini Ebook
  • Quiz
  • Templates
  • Video Training or Tutorial
  • Webinars
  • Checklists
  • Audio Files
  • Resource Guide
  • Expert Roundup Guide
  • Audio Transcript
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content
  • Email Course
  • Free Workshop
  • Live Calls
  • Free Trial or Discount Code
  • Access to a Private FB Group
  • Free Challenge
  • Resource Library

Finding the right freebie or opt-in your audience will love may be require asking them what will be useful.



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