How Pinterest Can Drive Traffic to Your Business

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Pinterest is a social media application that focuses on images. Pinterest can often be undervalued and overlooked by small businesses when creating a social media marketing strategy. While, very different then Facebook or Twitter, it can be valuable to drive traffic to your business.

Pinterest is a wonderful marketing avenue to:

Promote your products

If you sell physical products, you can share photos of those products and link each image back to your website. Your photos can show the variation in colors, sizes, styles.

Share blog posts & videos

Creating a blog for your business website, whether you sell products or services, can be a wonderful way to make sure your website and business gets visibility. Sharing those blog posts, or business videos, on Pinterest can drive traffic to your website. You can create a visual directory of your published blog posts and link directly to your website for each.

Expand your website and share each page directly

By creating images that outline your business, team, product, service, you can share to Pinterest linking each page of your website. Directing traffic to each page of your website.

What should you do to set up a Pinterest Marketing strategy for your business?

Set Goals

What do you hope to achieve by adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy? Do you hope to reach a new audience? Grow your online presence? Drive traffic to your business’s website or online store?

80% of weekly pinners have discovered new brands with Pinterest. Learn about the demographic of Pinterest users and set goals to reach your target audience within that demographic.

Consider what your competitors are doing on Pinterest.

Pin engaging and captivating content

This may take some trial and error. What pins get the most views, clicks, visibility? Change up the features, size, text, etc creating new content regularly.

Features that tend to make captivating pins.

  • Vertical imagery
  • Good quality image and videos
  • Descriptive copy
  • Text overlay
  • Tasteful branding

Be an active participant on the platform

Create boards that will be fitting with your brand. Each board should correlate with the interests of your target audience. Do not only share pins but share others. This can include sharing holiday treats, recipes, cool technology, home design ideas, etc. Anything you think your target audience may also be interested in.

Optimize Pins for SEO

By connecting your website to your Pinterest account, you can create Rich Pins. These are designed to pin new content from your business’s website boosting your brands SEO.

Pinterest can be a great asset to help your business grow by reaching a new audience then other marketing platforms. Looking to create a Pinterest marketing strategy for your business or blog, we can help.



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