Social Media Engagement Ideas for Small Businesses

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Navigating social media is definitely daunting. As a small business there are many different engagement ideas for content that will help you keep posting, gain visibility, and create relationships with your target audience. Here are some engagement ideas for small businesses:

A New Blog Post

As a small business you really should have a blog with your website. Write relatable articles for your target audience regularly then share on social media including Pinterest. Pinterest can be a major source of traffic to your website.

When sharing your blog post on social media such as Facebook or Instagram do not just introduce your blog and add a few hashtags. Give them information about the blog post, why you wrote it, what problem are you solving or answering questions to. However, leave your answer in the blog post and link to the article.

A Poll

Polls and quizzes are great interactive content. Ask a question that relates to your target audience? Ask about a problem they may have? These can also just be fun, lighthearted, and everyday questions to get them responding and having fun with your content.

A Sweepstakes or Giveaway

Sweepstakes and giveaways work best when you have a large audience. They also do cost some money since you have to have some sort of prize. However, if you have those two things they are a great way to create engagement.

A Video

Video is a great way for your target audience to understand your business. Whether it is a video of you speaking about a subject, showing off your workspace, showing off your product. These are all great ideas to help your audience engage with your business.

Ask for Customer Feedback and Share the Feedback You Receive

There’s no better way to understand your customers and target audience then asking them directly. Ask what they need and how you can help. Ask past customers about their experience with you and your business and share that experience with others (reviews and testimonials).

A Product or Service Announcement

Sharing and promoting your services is okay but should not be the totality of your social media presence. About 5-10% of your content should be your own content, product, or services. Do not inundate your audience with too many sales, it’ll drive them away from wanting to engage your social media platforms.


Give help to your target audience. You do not want to give away your own expertise in an entirety but help your client and target audience out with the basics.

Announce an Event or Award

Announce everything that is celebratory for your business. Milestones, charity work, sales, awards, etc.

Photos of People in Your Company

Share the environment of your business. Who are the people that keep everything going? Introduce them and tell your audience how they are a great part of your business.

There are all kind of ideas to create new, relatable, and engaging content for your audience on social media. Need help with specifics for your business? Give us a call. We can help with a social media audit and content creation.