How to Balance Work and Family Life


Parents, no matter if you’re the father, mother, grandmother, or others. If you’re raising kids, parenting should not have to totally take over your life. There should be a chance to remain yourself, have your own activities, hobbies, career, etc. In an effort to do so, you may find the task to balance work and family hard.

Finding a good balance between your work and family life, however, can be vital to your success in both avenues and over your own mental health. Here are some great tips:

Set Priorities

Creating to do lists and setting priorities is a game changer. Knowing when and how you can put work aside in order to take care of and focus on family is important. As you’re looking into what is a priority look at the task, it’s importance, it’s deadline, and it’s consequences for not completing.

Plan and do things in advance

Do whatever you can to plan ahead for both work and family related tasks and events. This includes making your mornings easier by planning and getting everything ready, like school lunches, the night before.

Find help

Get a babysitter when you need. Find reliable and flexible childcare. Find an assistant that may be able to help with both work and personal errands. Befriend other parents, those that may be able to help with drives to school or activities. Find time to pay back the favor. Remember you’re not alone and it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

Limit after-work and after-school involvements

Do what you can to limit your children’s activities as well as your own. It’s great to want your children to be involved but perhaps limit it to one activity at a time. This also includes limiting your own after work activities.

Build rituals into your life

Building rituals into your life can help you and your family know when and where to expect you. Having traditions where you can spend time together, activities, bedtime, weekend rituals can help you know and plan around those times.

Live by a family calendar

Set up and maintain one calendar that has all major work deadlines, activities, travel, and all family activities, deadlines, travel and more. It’s important to have everything in one place so you do not miss any important business or events.

Create Special Family Activities

Plan special family activities where you can all spend time together. Travel, get outside, game night, there are so many ideas you can find.

Date Night

Do not forget to make time for your spouse. Do not skip date nights. Put down the phone, calendar, and any work during.

Self Care

Make time for yourself. Schedule your own, self care time, in your family calendar and make sure everyone sticks to letting you have a little time alone to relax and recharge.


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