How to Engage on Pinterest as a Business


A presence on Pinterest is essential to any business’s online marketing strategy. With over 200 million active users, the platform provides an excellent opportunity to engage customers, build brand loyalty and grow sales. But how can businesses effectively use Pinterest? This article will provide insights into how to engage on Pinterest as a business, from creating boards and uploading content to growing your followers and increasing user engagement. Keep reading to learn how to engage on Pinterest as a business, and use the platform to it’s full potentional.

How To Engage On Pinterest As A Business

If you have a Pinterest business account,  the first step is to create boards and upload content. Boards are used to categorize your pins, so it’s important to come up with creative board descriptions and titles that accurately reflect the content. Uploading content should involve adding high-quality images and videos, as well as informative pin descriptions about the visual content.

How To Create Visually Interesting Boards

One of the first steps in any successful Pinterest marketing strategy should be creating visually interesting Pinterest boards that draw users in. When planning out your boards, consider topics relevant to your business and audience, such as recipes for a food-related business or product tutorials for an e-commerce store. 

Also, consider how to make your boards stand out from the competition with unique concepts or visuals that will grab user attention. 

Creating visually interesting boards on Pinterest encourages engagement, increases brand awareness, and follows and helps create a professional and cohesive brand. While creating a board, consider the overall theme or message you would like to communicate and the branding colors and images associated with your product offerings. 

Furthermore, creating an aesthetic by utilizing image combinations in different shapes, such as a cluster of circles or a column formation, will make the boards stand out. Think creatively and carefully curate content to optimize engagement on the platform.

Uploading Content

You can increase Pinterest engagement by posting new content regularly on each board at least once a week while updating existing boards with new pins. This will help keep users interested in what you offer, as they will see new content every time they visit your account. 

Additionally, it’s helpful to research popular trends within the industry and utilize them in posts and stay up-to-date with changes in design trends that can help give pins an extra boost when it comes to engagement levels. 

Using bright and high-quality images is also helpful in achieving higher engagement rates from Pinterest users; as we know, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Check out this article on how to create Pinterest pins people will want to save!

In addition to creating boards, small business owners can also participate in group boards on Pinterest. Group boards allow multiple people (including companies) to collaborate in pinning relevant content around a specific topic or area of interest. 

Not only does this help expand exposure for the company, but it also helps create opportunities for collaboration with other businesses in their field. To join group boards, businesses typically have to follow specific instructions from the board owner, such as submitting their request via email. 

Businesses can also create idea pins to get users’ feedback on possible new products or campaigns they may be working on. For example, a company looking for ideas for its next photo shoot could create an idea pin asking followers what concept would best suit their brand’s aesthetic. Idea pins help spark conversation and interaction between companies and their followers, increasing engagement and visibility on Pinterest. 

Using Hashtags

Another effective way to increase engagement on Pinterest is by using hashtags when posting new content on different boards. 

Hashtags can be used strategically by including those explicitly related to products or services offered by your company or even more general ones like lifestyle hashtags that can attract potential leads from outside the company’s core customer base. 

Utilizing hashtags allows potential customers and new audiences searching for specific topics related to yours to find your Pinterest profile easily, as well as boosting visibility for posts amongst other users who may be interested in similar topics but have yet to connect directly with your business. 

Using Rich Pins

Rich pins are a type of Pinterest Pin that includes additional details, like the price and availability of products, the ingredients of a recipe and cooking times, or article headlines and summaries. Rich pins make it easier for users to get more information about a post right away. Here’s how businesses can take advantage of Rich Pins:

Create Clear Descriptions: Include as much information as possible in the description when creating pins. This will help Pinterest recognize the pin as a candidate for a “rich pin.” Include details such as product prices, availability, related articles, and other relevant information when possible.

Optimize Images: Make sure images used in pins are high quality and descriptive of what the pin is about. Pinterest loves excellent visuals, so focus on creating pins that draw attention with bold designs and clear images. Additionally, try looking for stock photos or creating custom graphics to help stand out from other pins.

Verify Your Website: Businesses must verify their website by Pinterest before creating rich pins. To do this, you must add meta tags to your website’s homepage, allowing Pinterest to identify your domain as belonging to your business account. You will be able to create rich pins once you have been verified.

Add Rich Pin Tags: Next, you will need to add specific tags for each type of pin that you want to create (product, recipe, article). These tags will provide Pinterest with additional context about what type of post it is, allowing users to access more information when interacting with your pin. 

Enable Product Analytics: Lastly, enabling product analytics on your account lets you track performance metrics such as impressions, reach, and clicks for any product pins created from your website or app. This can give you valuable insights into what kind of content resonates best with your audience so you can adjust accordingly. 

Overall, using Rich Pins is an effective way for businesses to engage with their customers on the platform by providing more detailed information than regular pins, making them more likely to interact with them! This will ultimately lead to increased engagement rates and more conversions in the long run!

How To Engage With Others As A Business

Engaging with other accounts on Pinterest can help foster relationships between businesses, customers, followers, and influencers alike, which is essential when trying to build customer loyalty towards products/services offered by a company online. Pinterest is a one of the more popular social media platforms, with a key emphasis on “social.” You must be active and engage with others for your Pinterest account to truly be seen.

Engaging with other accounts through comments, likes, and repins helps create more meaningful connections beyond just shared interests which ultimately helps brands reach more people organically through word-of-mouth recommendations rather than just relying solely on Pinterest ads targeting strangers online, which often yield lower ROIs overall – making this type of user-generated content one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing available today!

Increasing Followers

Another key element of successful Pinterest engagement is building up followers. The most effective way to do this is by engaging with other accounts – like pins related to similar topics, commenting on posts, and following others who could potentially become new customers. 

Additionally, you can use paid advertising tools like Promoted Pins which allow you to target specific audiences with short descriptions about your product or service – these campaigns can help boost visibility for prospective customers who may not already be aware of your company’s offerings. 

Want To Take Your Pinterest Strategy & Social Media Marketing To the Next Level?

Pinterest is a powerful platform for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great way to increase visibility and engagement with potential customers, but managing it can be time-consuming. Now that you know how to engage on Pinterest as a business; do you have time? This is where outsourcing Pinterest management to services such as Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services can be very helpful.

Sunrise Virtual Assistant Services offers specialized Pinterest management solutions tailored to the needs of small businesses. By entrusting the upkeep and management of your business’s Pinterest account to Sunrise, you can free up more time and energy to be devoted elsewhere in your business.

With Sunrise, you will never have to worry about ensuring your pins are attractive and engaging or even schedule pins at optimal times. Our team of experts will do this on your behalf, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business while they tend to your Pinterest account. We also provide detailed Pinterest analytics reports so you can track how well your pins are performing and make adjustments when needed. 

Sunrise also has various other features to help small businesses succeed on Pinterest. For instance, we offer automated pinning services that save time by automatically pinning certain content at pre-determined daily intervals. Additionally, our hashtag research tools help discover trending hashtags related to your niche or industry, which makes it easier for your content to reach new audiences and gain more followers over time. 

Furthermore, Sunrise’s managed services include tasks such as responding promptly when users leave comments or messages on your posts, creating custom boards that are relevant and specific to your business goals (such as sales funnels), as well as connecting with influencers who could potentially collaborate with you in the future – thus increasing followers even further! All these activities help foster more engagement with potential customers and ultimately drive more leads toward conversions for small businesses that use Sunrise’s managed services. 

By outsourcing their Pinterest management needs, small businesses reap the benefits of having an expert team taking care of their accounts without needing additional resources in-house for this task, freeing up precious time that can be better spent elsewhere within the organization – making it a win-win solution all around! And since you know how to engage on Pinterest as a business, you’ll have a better understanding on the process involved, plus have expert help along the way.

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