Time Management Tips for Every Busy Entrepreneur

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No matter who you are or what you do for a job or career we all have the same amount of time in a day. There will always be motivated and productive days as well as unproductive days. In order to be successful, reach your goals, and build a business the productive days need to far outweigh the unproductive. How do you do that?

Being able to manage your time effectively is an important skill to have. Every business owner and entrepreneur have a long to-do list and often times that to-do list may be growing at a faster rate then you’re able to check things off.

So how do you juggle those balls and not let any one ball fall?

Create a daily plan

Take a good and detailed look at the actual time you have in the day to work on your intended tasks. There will always be a subjective difference between the time in the day and the actual productive time you’ll have to work with.

Set a time limit to each task

By setting a set amount of time for each task, you are able to prevent some work from dragging on, thus limiting your time for other activities.

Use a calendar

Use one calendar for all tasks and activities. This includes work related projects as well as family life activities and events. Having everything within one calendar will help you weigh importance between work and family, as well as, will make sure you don’t miss anything.

Know your deadlines

When you know a set deadline for tasks you can prioritize those tasks much more efficiently. Thus, saving yourself time or giving yourself the chance for breaks without harming your schedule.

Learn to say “No”

The ability to control and manage your time includes keeping your time organized. This may mean when a job, contract, task, activity comes up you should weigh your ability to do said task within a reasonable time limit in your schedule. You may have to say “no.”


Utilizing those around you for help is key to success and time management. As an employer and entrepreneur this includes delegating tasks. What tasks take you time that by delegating could be completed in half the time?


What time management techniques do you utilize?




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