6 Components of an Appealing Business Newsletter

Creating an appealing business newsletter for your business can help you extend your visibility and reach to new potential customers. However, making sure your newsletter is unique, visibly appealing, and read, can be a bit of a task. Here are some tips or components you should utilize in your newsletter to make sure it is open and seen.

Tie in your brand

Create a template for your newsletter that corresponds with your branding. This means it should contain your logo, colors, and any other elements of your brand you utilize elsewhere such as on your website, print media, social media, etc.

Featured content

Have one specific item as featured content. The content should create some sort of value to your viewers and be balanced at about 90% educational content and 10% promotional content. State what you want with brevity and keep text to a minimum. Use your own voice in a conversational tone.

Eye-catching graphics

Having eye catching and professional graphics can be a great way to have your audience truly read your content, drawing them in. These professional graphics should be simplified with a clear and unified message. Choose your colors wisely. Colors often have symbolic meaning that can make or break your message.

Organized Layout

The layout of your newsletter should be simple and organized. This also includes the organization of how the newsletter is viewed on desktop or mobile device. Create a visible hierarchy in content based on where it is placed in the newsletter. Frame the content with a header and footer that correspond with your business branding and simplify font choices. Do not choose a font that is too elaborate and hard to read.

Social links

Link all social media platforms for your business in your newsletter. This is a great way for those that see and read your newsletter to stay connected regularly with your business on social media and your business website.

Unsubscribe option

Make sure, in accordance with law, your newsletter has an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Allowing those on your email list to opt-out when they want easily.



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